The Holloway sister's come from a family of "think tanks". So they have always had a knack for generating great ideas. Thus leading the family to create numerous businesses and take multiple risks that lead to even better success.


The idea of HSAthletics Brand has been in the works for the last 10 years but got passed over to pursue the other family businesses in the form of real-estate, project management, video production, and life/wellness coaching.


Haley and Ashley's mother, Alethea, always preached this quote by Baron Rothchild, "the time to buy is when there is blood in the streets." Its that time and now they are adding retail to the mix in the form of unique active wear.

They were never afraid to run fast toward their goals, and jump high to accomplish their dreams. This is a saying that their step-father, Ed, created for them when they were only 14 years old. 

Now, the Holloway's are here to present HSAthletics Brand to the world in hopes that their gear inspires you to "run fast, and jump high."